Your store, your design, our builders

Commercial construction is the cornerstone of our business.

We take pride in the portfolio of work we’ve completed over the years. Our field and office staff are well versed in a large variety of building types and delivery methods. No two projects are alike. Each client has a unique list of priorities. Our team will assist you in determining that list, and prioritizing it. We will develop a design, plan and budget to help achieve success within these guidelines. To this end, we offer a variety of project delivery methods:

In-House Design

If the project is not complicated we can often complete the preliminary design in-house, saving the customer some initial costs. We will acquire the services of engineers or architects as needed or when required by local building codes. A project budget is developed early in the process.


Again, if the project is straight-forward, but requires the services of an architect, we can coordinate the project in such a manner that fees and time from design to completion are reduced significantly. Costs are determined up front, and there is no cost for minor re-design or pricing if initial costs don’t meet the budget.

Cost Plus

Any project — negotiated, in-house, or design-build — can be completed under a cost­ plus agreement. Unit costs, prices from subcontractors and material suppliers are determined to develop the budget, and the project is billed based on the actual cost plus a stipulated fee.

Construction Management

Again, under any project method, another delivery system is construction management (CM). CM agreements allow for Midstates Builders to manage the project for a stipulated fee, but all invoices are paid directly by the owner. The CM is still responsible for overall site coordination, safety and project progress and quality.

The method of delivery best suited to your project can be discussed with us. We can address the attributes of each system in order to provide you the tools to make an informed decision. We will not persuade you to one choice, but provide you with the information necessary to make an informed decision. We have successfully completed multiple projects under each method.