Heavy Steel

Heavy projects call for heavy machinery

Our Heavy division provides a variety of services related to heavy steel construction services, lifting and moving.

Through our partnership with VP Buildings, Midstates Builders offers full design, delivery and construction optimizing time, initial and total cost, life cycle cost, and reduced energy costs. Building package solutions include:

Pre-Engineered Steel Building Shell Packages

Pre-Engineered buildings by VP Buildings provide the most cost effective solution to low-rise building packages. Building packages can be designed to 1/16″ in any dimension, with any necessary wind or snow loads, specialized equipment or crane loads, and with a large variety of wall covering and roofing packages. Coupled with multiple options for insulation, accessories such as windows, doors, Prismatic skylights, and overhead or hydro lift I bi-fold doors, there are virtually no limitations on creating a finished product with low initial cost, outstanding energy efficiency, and overall great value.

Custom Steel Solutions

Hybrid, or custom steel, is a combination of conventional hot-rolled mill steel primary structural components, coupled with pre-engineered products to create a unique yet cost efficient solution to projects requiring multiple stories, unusual floor plans, or special characteristics such as canopies or towers. We can create the design and initial pricing including erection for the building package.

Conventional Steel Solutions

Midstates Builders offers conventional steel design, fabrication and erection services for specialized projects not provided by one of the methods noted above. We are happy to provide custom quotes for our steel crews and equipment to come to your site. We are experienced in both bolted and welded connections and we have certified welders on staff.

Crane and Rigging Services

We also offer crane and rigging services using several pieces of equipment, heavy rollers and jacks, for many of our clients. Heavy lifting, loading or moving equipment or machines is part of our service offerings.

The method of delivery best suited to your project can be discussed with us. We can address the attributes of each system in order to provide you the tools to make an informed decision. We will not persuade you to one choice, but provide you with the information necessary to make an informed decision. We have successfully completed multiple projects under each method.