Construction management services to fit your needs

We try every day to be the best company we can be.

From safety to quality, timeliness to technique, to insuring our clients are satisfied with the services we’ve provided them, we want to do it right. It can be frustrating to pass a construction site and see workers operating outside of OSHA guidelines, materials not properly protected from weather, or just below average workmanship. These and many other things can be prevented by early planning and being informed. Whether Midstates Builders is ultimately your contractor, or you’ve chosen another company for your work, we are happy to provide our expertise in the commercial construction arena.

In 2015, after being asked by a client to provide out-of-town inspection services for a project, Construction Consulting and Management Services was established. Founded on over 30 years of progressive commercial construction experience in a variety of locations across the country, CCMS’s objective is to provide services related to commercial construction.

Examples of these services include:

  • Cost / benefit of building reuse or renovations.
  • Third party analysis of construction issues or disputes
  • Alternative problem resolution
  • Cost analysis I Value engineering
  • Feasibility recommendations
  • Project development
  • Risk assessment
  • Contract review and assistance
  • Scope review
  • Expert opinion I Second opinion
  • Progress inspections

This is not a complete list. If you have any doubt about whether we can assist you in your particular situation, please call us for a conversation. If we can’t help with your question, we will make every effort to direct you towards someone who can.

Craig Wampler’s construction “career” began in 1976 helping a family friend build a house. His interests in drafting, design and construction led him to work a variety of commercial and heavy highway construction jobs until he received his BS in Construction Management from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln engineering department in 1985. Since then, his entire career path has followed commercial construction projects of all types from California to Florida. The most valuable skill he offers is the ability to separate, identify and resolve a problem to the satisfaction of all parties.

His management experience includes virtually every type of commercial building – hospital / medical, office, high-rise, retail, bank, religious, educational, government, hotel, car, motorcycle, and ag equipment dealerships, warehousing, industrial, process plants, and government projects at local, state and federal levels. The list could go on.

Our clients include any entity involved in a project – owner, architect, contractor, subcontractor, material or service supplier, bank, attorney or insurance entities.

Another component of our consulting services is project development. While we are involved only on a limited basis in real estate development of our own, we do have contacts and resources available for virtually any size or scope of project. Land, lease / financing partnerships as well as relationships with community leaders, government entities and regional community development organizations can give our clients a good starting point for making a project a reality. Depending on the defined needs of a particular client or project, we can assemble the necessary resources to complete the various phases of bringing the project together.

Fees for these services are negotiated on an individual basis. We would be happy to discuss options and fee structures including both hourly and total cost. In some cases, where another division of Midstates Builders becomes involved, the fee for these services may be reduced.

Please contact Craig Wampler directly. All conversations are completely confidential.

The method of delivery best suited to your project can be discussed with us. We can address the attributes of each system in order to provide you the tools to make an informed decision. We will not persuade you to one choice, but provide you with the information necessary to make an informed decision. We have successfully completed multiple projects under each method.