Our clients are well-built

Tim Sather | Oak Hill Outdoors, Owner

I have worked with Midstates on a variety of projects from repairs, improvements, development, and re-development. Craig is always responsive and checking in to make sure that I am satisfied as a client. I appreciate the attentiveness, quality, ability to meet deadlines, and staying with in budget. Their willingness to brain storm the “big picture” surpasses the competition regularly and always leads to a quality outcome.

 Michael Bryan | Farmers Bank, President/CEO

I was very impressed with you and your staff during our major renovation.  Connecting two older brick buildings and making them look like one building was no easy task.  Your team’s expertise really helped us navigate through all the challenges that come up with remodeling and connecting older buildings.  The transformation of two building into one looks amazing both inside and out.   I was impressed that your company was able to complete the project on time even during the pandemic.  We have received many compliments on the look and design of the remodeled buildings.

Thank you for making this project successful!

Amanda Mack | City Manager, ICMA-CM, EMPA

The City of Spencer was excited to work with Midstates Builders on our City Hall renovation and construction project! We love our new space and are so appreciative of the work Midstates did for us. They were responsive when we had questions and concerns, were receptive with new ideas and changes that needed to be made and overall were an excellent partner for our project.

Mike Peterson | The Merrill Company

Midstates Builders has completed several projects for us in recent years at both of our facilities in Spencer. Our industrial and automotive paint facility, followed by office renovations at our west Spencer location, and most recently, our new corporate offices and warehouse addition at our main south Spencer location. In all instances, we have been pleased and impressed by their communications, attention to detail, and going above and beyond to insure the customer understands how the final product will appear and function. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone considering new construction or renovations.

Dean Ulrich, Jr. | Pixler Electric

Pixler Electric has worked on many projects with Midstates Builders, Inc. Craig and his team have been very professional in all aspects of these projects. We have enjoyed good communication and direction from Midstates Builders, Inc. Projects have finished on time and within budgets. We are looking forward to many more projects with Midstates.

Bob Fagen | Manager, City of Spencer

Since I moved to the community in 2007, I have observed Midstates Builders, Inc.’s involvement in numerous projects throughout the city. Our staff has been very complementary of Midstates when dealing with your firm, being it inspection or city projects.

One true test of a company is how they approach things when projects are not going as smooth as one would like. It has been my experience that your firm has shown the ability to move things along by making good sound decisions.

The city is proud to have Midstates Builders, Inc. as a part of our community.

Charles A. Haslebacher | President, Varco Pruden

Longevity in the construction industry is rare, so for Midstates Builders, Inc. to be celebrating 70 years is a testament to the outstanding service they have provided to their customers over the years. Varco Pruden is honored to have been a supplier partner to your company since 1989. We look forward to assisting you with metal building solutions for your customers in the future.

Allan Stowe

We have worked with Midstates on numerous projects in Iowa, South Dakota and Minnesota over the past the past fifteen plus years and have been very pleased with their performance and final product. Starting years ago with Mick Noteboom and continuing through our current relationship with Duane Schuller, the people at Midstates have worked to help us meet our goals through every step of the process from project design, budgeting and development to construction and finished product. They stand behind their work and have been very professional and knowledgeable in their approach to the whole process. I would, without hesitation, recommend Midstates Builders to anyone considering a new construction project.

Steven A. Grell | Chairman, Community State Bank

We would like to comment on our building project that Midstates Builders, Inc. completed in 2004. We are pleased with the work results and the facility that Midstates Builders, Inc. did for us. We were under a time deadline, as our old mobile unit was sold and set to be removed, so we were especially happy you met the timetable for completion. We wish you the best in your next 70 years.

Kris Vodraska | Director of Construction and Rehabilitation, Community Housing Initiatives, Inc.

Community Housing Initiatives, Inc. has had the pleasure of working with Midstates Builders, Inc. on several projects. The projects have ranged from semi-small minimally complicated, to very large extremely complicated multi-million dollar state and federally funded projects. Midstates Builders understands the many unique rules, regulations and procedures that apply to affordable housing development and they do an exceptional job of meeting the requirements, whether providing the necessary paperwork required for state or federal compliance, or meeting specification, all while delivering projects on time and on budget. The entire team, from design, to project management and oversight to their labor force have always displayed a very high level of professionalism, experience, dedication and commitment to quality, which we appreciate.

Dean Jacobsen | President, Northwest Bank

My first experience with Midstates Builders was in 1996. At that time, I was the new Market President for a local bank and we were building a new bank building in Hartley, IA. During the building process, the Midstates management team and labor force established a very open style of communication. The entire team was committed to quality and were available for a discussion with any of our banking team members. The focus of the entire staff was to deliver a finished product that we would all be proud of.

Although the ownership has changed a couple of times since 1996, the current owner, Craig Wampler, has continued the same level of commitment to his clients, his employees, his company and his community. Over the last 20 years, I have had many experiences with Midstates Builders. Every time we have done business together, I have been very satisfied and have always felt like I was a part of a team effort. If you are in need of their services, I highly recommend Midstates Builders, Inc.

Connie Goeken | Director, Spencer Community Theatre

In working with Midstates Builders on our renovation and expansion project, Spencer Community Theatre found a true partner. Everyone at Midstates who was involved with our project was knowledgeable and responsive to our needs. They demonstrated the flexibility required to complete a community-funded project, and worked with us on a daily basis to ensure the theatre came in on budget and within the very specific time frame dictated by our performance season. ‘Service after the sale’ has been wonderful, and they have continued to assist us in any way they can even six years after the opening of our beautiful new facility. We are very happy that we chose Midstates Builders to help us make our dream project a reality.

Joel R. Jorgenson | Grandview Baptist Church

We first hired Midstates in 1999 to construct our new church building. We changed our minds a dozen times, and they were flexible and worked with us. We were very happy with the quality of their work and the great customer service. So when we needed to add on in 2012, we immediately called Midstates, and once again we are very happy with their work. They had the equipment and the manpower and the experience necessary to get the job done. A few months after the addition was complete, we had a water leak along the foundation. They promptly returned and fixed the problem. We are very satisfied customers of Midstates, and if we have another building project down the road, they will be the first company we call. I highly recommend them.

Jim Wilcox | President | Ernie Williams LTD

Our experience with Midstates Builders, Inc has been long and extensive. Through the years they have built five complete buildings for us both on our John Deere Division and Harley Davidson Divisions of our company, as well as over eight additions. For our next project, we will call Midstates Builders, as we have decades of quality experience with them and know their work stands the test of time.

Dave Hultgren

I would like to take a moment to congratulate Midstates Builders on their upcoming 70th anniversary of being in business. The fact your company has been around as long as they have is a testimonial to how you do business. In today’s world, in order to maintain such longevity, you have to sell a quality product, at a competitive price, and offer excellent service. I had Midstates build me two buildings when I was in the John Deere business. One in Lake Park, and the other in Sibley. The building in Sibley was finished after the sale of our company, but it’s worthy to note the decision was made prior to that happening. The reason I chose Midstates was for the reasons given above. From the time we started talking about building, until the time it was completed, I felt we were partners throughout the entire process. Your crews were diligent about doing things the right way, and I always appreciated that. Your team did a great job of leading me through the project from start to finish. If I had questions, you were prompt in getting back to me and answering them. We discussed things like colors, finishes, window placements, etc. The construction crew was always helpful if I came on site and had any questions then as well. I was always treated with respect. And needless to say, I was always very pleased with the end product. If we made a change, I felt you were very fair in pricing that change (up or down), and never felt like you took advantage of such changes. Too often I hear of that in this business, but I never had that experience.

I could go on but let it be suffice to say my experiences with Midstates were always very good. It’s nice to have an established business like this in Spencer, and not always coming out of the city. It’s far more personal, and there’s value in that. Again, congrats on 70 years, and may you have many more.

Mark Feldman | Superintendent | CF Industries

I want to express what a great job the Midstates staff did with the construction of our new 55’ X 105’ VP Building. The building is now completed and we are extremely happy with the new offices, conference room, shop and equipment storage area. The Midstates staff that were involved in the building construction were outstanding to work with from the pre-construction stage and during the construction stages. Midstates’ project manager Duane Schuller and crew foreman Mitch Anderson should be commended on their efforts and dedication during the construction of our building.

This is not our first positive and satisfied experience using Midstates. Midstates have done concrete, crane and forklift work for us numerous times in the past. They always completed the quality work in a timely, and safe manner.

Kiley Miller | Iowa Lakes Corridor Development Corporation

More than just a contractor, Midstates Builders is a partner in the ongoing effort to expand the economy here in the Iowa Lakes Corridor region and to improve the quality of life for all area citizens. Whenever one of the Iowa Lakes Corridor Development Corporation’s client businesses has a construction question, Craig Wampler and his team are ready and willing to provide an estimate, discuss engineering and materials, and assess feasibility. When the company’s needs change, as is inevitable with any building project, Midstates is still there, alongside the Corridor, giving our region the best chance to land a new or expanding business.

Economic development truly is a collaborative endeavor, and Midstates Builders is a collaborative company.

Ivan Gene Brown, Ph.D. | President & CEO | Brownmed, Inc.

Midstates Builders has worked with us on many different projects over the years. In our most recent project, we contracted with Midstates to build a 50,000 square foot addition to our existing 30,000 square foot building. Their exceptional design was executed perfectly and on time. Our addition looks like we originally planned it that way. Midstates also has performed several smaller projects in our manufacturing plant to help make our facility more efficient. I could not be happier with a general contractor, will use Midstates again on future projects, and highly recommend them.

Gary Ter Wee | Vice President | Midwestern Mechanical Of Iowa

It has been our pleasure to work with Midstates for the entire time Midwestern Mechanical has had a presence in Spencer. We have been partners in agricultural buildings, small commercial projects, larger commercial projects, and hospital projects. They have always been successful, team oriented projects which when completed were quality built, something everyone involved could be proud of. Midwestern Mechanical is looking forward to working with Midstates for many years to come and would recommend them on most any future projects.

Becky LaBarre | Spencer Family YMCA

As the previous Executive Director of the Spencer Family YMCA, I had the opportunity to work directly with Midstates Builders and Craig Wampler on several different projects.

The most current building project we worked together on was an addition to our facility which included infant through 6th grade day care. The project was estimated at 1.7 million dollars; we stayed within our budget and within the timeframe the project was bid out for. Working with the crew and on-site supervisor made the construction and remodeling process on a day-to-day basis very manageable. Any problems, changes or interruptions of the project were handled very professionally and timely.

Another major project we worked on together was due to a collapsed roof over a large portion of the locker rooms and fitness area. Once again, this caused quite a participation inconvenience due to shared facilities and limited hours. Midstates was very quick to respond to our situation and completed the project swiftly and professionally.

I was also fortunate to have Craig Wampler serve on our Facilities Committee for many years. The members of this committee were hand picked due to their knowledge of our building, to overall construction insight, professionalism and ability to prioritize potential future building and grounds issues. Craig was an excellent member and took his job very serious.

Midstates Builders has been a longtime partner with the Spencer YMCA and highly regarded as an outstanding General Contractor.

Phil Christy | Business Manager | Graham Tire Company

I would like to share our pleasure with you and your company completing the major face lift and re-configuration at Graham Tire Spencer. Your team did a tremendous job of helping determine the art deco theme and layout of our new look. Though this project was completed several years ago, we have experienced tremendous utility reductions and removed our vast water drainage issue. We continue to receive rave compliments on the look, style, design, and enhancements from this make over.

Thank you for a job well done!

The method of delivery best suited to your project can be discussed with us. We can address the attributes of each system in order to provide you the tools to make an informed decision. We will not persuade you to one choice, but provide you with the information necessary to make an informed decision. We have successfully completed multiple projects under each method.